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TRIPTYCH Artisanal Footwear Collection Premiers at New York Fashion Week

TRIPTYCH brand launch invitation

September 3, 7–10 PM at G TECTS, Film Screening at 9 PM

NEW YORK, NY, September 2014—Handcrafted cool, inventively designed comfort—that’s the TRIPTYCH shoe, the first collection of which will launch in the Delancey Street architectural studio and exhibition space of G TECTS on September 3. Expect footwear that defies seasons and simple categories.

Designed for treading city pavements—whether these will take you to the office, a fancy restaurant, or just a friend’s house—TRIPTYCH shoes celebrate movement: that of the foot in motion and that of the fine materials used in fabrication. Folds, wrinkles, asymmetrical wedges, and unexpected cut-outs exposing the body inside support functionality, but they also flatter the foot. And with time, the shoe’s soft leathers will mold to their wearer, tracing the individual’s unique patterns of locomotion.

Conceptualized in New York, TRIPTYCH shoes are meticulously crafted by master artisans in Italy, and it is this marriage of bold innovation and solid workmanship that defines the label. Tania Ursomarzo, the creator behind TRIPTYCH and an architect by training, wants her footwear, beautiful and wearable though it is, to move beyond the confines of fashion and trendiness: “The world doesn’t need more shoes,” she states boldly; “it needs good, ever evolving, and innovative design.” Why? Because good design not only delights but also makes us think and rethink the ordinary.

For more details on the label, visit WWW.TRIPTYCHNY.COM. Also, follow TRIPTYCH on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

TRIPTYCH brand launch invitation TRIPTYCH brand launch invitation TRIPTYCH brand launch invitation TRIPTYCH brand launch invitation

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